I’m Back, Everyone

Hi guys, So, better late than never...does that axiom work here? Probably not. Anyways, as someone who has been busy, and I mean busy when it comes to school work, I can now officially say that on Wednesday, May 2, I will be a college graduate. This year was crazy, as anyone would assume for... Continue Reading →


Poetry: “Lost the Other”

Sadly, it is that time of year again. School is back on, and my pen must be taking notes instead of writing verses. I will try to keep writing as much as I can muster.   Lost the Other          by: Rose Clifford Together, we still lost each other In one another... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “The Fighters”

The Fighters               by: Rose Clifford Let us find temptation Grasp its oily surface, Claim it for ourselves. Claw towards our wants- Viciously Leaving a trail of purpose In the hands of us - the fighters.

Poetry: “The Lonely Wood”

The Lonely Wood                by: Rose Clifford The leaves fall in the wood Seeking the calmness of the ground. Leaving the trees bare- Lonely and cold Shivering in the wake of a winter breeze. Amid the brush, giggling Sucking clean breaths into their lungs. A friendship collides Between people, place,... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Chasing”

Chasing                     by: Rose Clifford On the nights I am deprived of sleep When thoughts bloom and flounder, I wonder if there are a few That chased me when I was preoccupied Chasing the unattainable others.

Poetry: “Memories of Denial”

Memorials of Denial             by: Rose Clifford Within the days Are the hours And the minutes When I expose You to my mind. Seeping memories Clogged with happiness. The stares between eyes The kisses interlocked. Though memories Fail to remember The denial- The scenes of love Relegated, unwanted. With my memories... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “No More”

No More                  by: Rose Clifford Though time stretches on There are things I must say Stories untold Eager to come to surface. I suffocate those thoughts Leaving them ashore Knowing you and I are no more- But the dust of the past. A memory that must be tamed.

Poetry: “Wish Away”

Wish Away                   by: Rose Clifford And if I knew That most of my life Would be wishing So many days away, I would tell you To count them- To keep them storage As a collector of days. For my days Are only viewed as pennies Wasted away... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “I Fear”

Most days I fear so much That I'm not certain of its source anymore I just allow my body to tremble viciously Untill, my wandering mind lands on something new- For my body to chatter to another trepid tune.

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