Poetry: “I’m Fine”

The emotions in her stomach, Urged themselves awry. Leaping upward and sideways, Escaping her belly, Through the exit of her mouth. But, the words she uttered, Were all too similar, To the ritual tide of the sea, "I'm fine," her lips quivered, As she turned and swallowed her grief.

Poetry: “Only for Humans”

Only for Humans             by: Rose Clifford Fate was saddened, That love was only for humans. It plagued marriages, Till they ceased, With a final symptom- Divorce.     Photo by: Ali Smith    

Poetry: “The Reply”

The Reply             by:Rose Clifford And when no one would listen, She would cock her ears outward to hear, The leaves and wind murmuring, Their duet of lilting melodies, In the breeze of autumn air. Returning a whistling reply, Between the strands of her uplifted hair.  

Poetry: “When I Rest”

When I Rest                   by: Rose Clifford And when the bones that lattice my insides, Become dust in a cheap casket. What me will you remember? The niave fawn of my youth, Being chased by the fears in my head? Or the sullen student to knowledge, Seeking answers... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Be the Understanding”

Be the Understanding       by:Rose Clifford Without imitation, relate. Take a place in this state, And empathize this fight for life, That disjoints beauty from fright. Find the entrance for understanding, In the reality that your body and mind are blind inside to, By being exposed to the privilege that forms your life.

Poetry: “Insecure Beauty”

Insecure Beauty          by: Rose Clifford Under the layers of her insecurities, I wonder what remains to be found? Maybe a mind sprounting peonies, And eyes seeing only in gold. Ears that hear words only as hymns, And walks leaving marks as if going through snow. Hopefully, one day she will let... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Remember”

I'm sorry I have not posted in two days. This is the first time I have done this since starting my blog. Yesterday, I had a mental break. I have been very lonely and unhappy for a long time, but recently it has seemed to have gotten worse. I am back on my anti-depressants/ anti-anxiety... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Civil War”

Civil War         by: Rose Clifford The birthplace of my mind, Is not the same as my body. They are separate entitites, Belonging to a shared soul, Surviving in its own civil war.

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