Poetry: “Lost the Other”

Sadly, it is that time of year again. School is back on, and my pen must be taking notes instead of writing verses. I will try to keep writing as much as I can muster.   Lost the Other          by: Rose Clifford Together, we still lost each other In one another... Continue Reading →


Poetry: “The Fighters”

The Fighters               by: Rose Clifford Let us find temptation Grasp its oily surface, Claim it for ourselves. Claw towards our wants- Viciously Leaving a trail of purpose In the hands of us - the fighters.

Poetry: “The Lonely Wood”

The Lonely Wood                by: Rose Clifford The leaves fall in the wood Seeking the calmness of the ground. Leaving the trees bare- Lonely and cold Shivering in the wake of a winter breeze. Amid the brush, giggling Sucking clean breaths into their lungs. A friendship collides Between people, place,... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Chasing”

Chasing                     by: Rose Clifford On the nights I am deprived of sleep When thoughts bloom and flounder, I wonder if there are a few That chased me when I was preoccupied Chasing the unattainable others.

Poetry: “Memories of Denial”

Memorials of Denial             by: Rose Clifford Within the days Are the hours And the minutes When I expose You to my mind. Seeping memories Clogged with happiness. The stares between eyes The kisses interlocked. Though memories Fail to remember The denial- The scenes of love Relegated, unwanted. With my memories... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “No More”

No More                  by: Rose Clifford Though time stretches on There are things I must say Stories untold Eager to come to surface. I suffocate those thoughts Leaving them ashore Knowing you and I are no more- But the dust of the past. A memory that must be tamed.

Poetry: “Wish Away”

Wish Away                   by: Rose Clifford And if I knew That most of my life Would be wishing So many days away, I would tell you To count them- To keep them storage As a collector of days. For my days Are only viewed as pennies Wasted away... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “I Fear”

Most days I fear so much That I'm not certain of its source anymore I just allow my body to tremble viciously Untill, my wandering mind lands on something new- For my body to chatter to another trepid tune.

Poetry: “The Wanting War”

The Wanting War         by: Rose Clifford She is in a war of wanting. Wanting his lips enclosed on hers And wanting the space for her dreams. Wanting for the nature of this to clear Disperse into particles, faded deep in the atmosphere. But, the wanting brings yearning So heavenly to the... Continue Reading →

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