Poetry: “Secret Lives”

Secret Lives                              by: Rose Clifford The fictions in the novels she read, welcomed her with comfort- While also forcing herself to become unsettled, weakened and brittle by the sorrows of unknown lives. Her eyes wandered over and around the words, stopping... Continue Reading →


Poetry: “To Ask”

To Ask                                 by: Rose Clifford I push the words back, as they grow salty on my tongue, sitting there - taking home, in the dryness of my mouth.   My stomach getting weaker, in its state of entropy, I feel... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Renewal”

Renewal                           by: Rose Clifford Like the barren tree branches of winter, My heart was vacant, Embracing the idea that love must wait, Till a new season surprised me, With sprouting confirmation- That love shall bloom again.

Poetry: “Warm Brown Eyes”

Warm Brown Eyes                        by: Rose Clifford When his eyes stare into mine, I can never be sure how I got here- Standing on the precipice of need. Seemingly incoherent are my worries.   But, feeling deeply, makes me think deeply. Could I be that... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “When You Are Gone”

When you are not here, a yearning cracks my mind, seizing with thoughts of our hands interlaced. The tracing of your fingers, on the freckles of my face, and the gentle touch, no more than a soft tickle, on the skin of my waist. I miss those hot breaths, heating my neck- turning it moist.... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Lips of Hate”

Hate drips from your lips one by one, but somehow I continuously forgive you- for the distaste in your hallow mouth, suffocates all the beauty I once saw in myself.   Though I know I do not mean more to me, then you do to me, I now cannot help, but to see- Forgiveness is a... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: “Heat Wave”

This flash fiction has to do with the continuous body shaming that our society tries to disengage from, but falls short. It is a short fiction about the constant struggles woman face when they just aren't the 'right size.' Though I am an outsider looking in, I wanted to write from a new point of... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Wide Awake”

Wide Awake               by: Rose Clifford At night she lays wide awake, grieving for the splendor of her youth, crown with a busy sadness- broken nostalgic memories confused.   She ached for the time gone and lost, used and abused with someone else. Now she is the only one to... Continue Reading →

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