Flash Fiction: “Summer Love”

This being my first post, I thought what a great time to share my words. And what better words to share, than words of love?

This flash fiction is inspired by my current boyfriend. I wrote this a little over a year ago. Now, two and half years later, my feelings are a continuous flower — blossoming in the summer sun.



“Summer Love”         by: Rose Clifford

She gazed intently, vulnerably to the slight openness between their bodies pressed against each other, and she said, “With you I am becoming.”

My eyes paced back and forth between her own. All the words seemed to falter. My brain and my mouth were paralyzed in unison. I choked out a quiet, “How?  …I don’t think I understand”

“When I look at you, I know I have the answers. They are not wholly formed, and definitive, but they don’t have to be that way. The answers your eyes give me are light. They do not lie, and say everything will be okay, they say, “I am here.” “I am with you, always.” Your light is a contagion, a presence that rivals the demons lurking in my hallowed body. I feel safe even if it is for one second or a thousand seconds, it feels like eternity. I feel myself, my personality…my soul being drenched in the sweetest honey when I look into your eyes. You make who I am feel safe. No one has ever done that before. You allow me to become safe. You have allowed me to become free.”


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