~3 Summer Reads~

Last summer was a great summer, not because I worked over forty hours a week at two part time jobs, but because I had the time to read ten books. Whew, sounds like a lot to think about right now with summer recently welcoming us with some sunny days.

Reading is a crucial part of my existence. It has been this way since I was a sophomore in high school. It is one of the easiest ways for me to go somewhere else, especially on hot summer days when I’d rather stay in the air-conditioned house. I already started a list — mostly new books from Christmas, growing dusty on the shelf. If you have read any in my list let me know what you think about it!

  1. The Girls, by Emma Cline

The Girls, is a the girls - blog - bookcoming of age book for teens and adults. It is one of the books I am most excited to read because it is based in the 1960’s — during the time when cults were taboo to talk about, but springing up everywhere. It is in the point of view of a middle-aged-woman who is reminiscing about her innocent and dark past in a cult she seemingly fell into during her fragile youth. It’s about her trials outside and inside the cult — making it a story about balancing the pressures of her youth.


the heart goes last -book blog     2. The Heart Goes Last, by Margaret Atwood

Is a book set in a dystopia, where a young couple is broke and homeless — living in their car. They have to survive amongst drug addicts, criminals, and roving gangs that are around constantly around, looking for their next gain. When suddenly, an exciting opportunity comes to fruition. The couple gets to stay at the beautiful private community — Consilience — where they live in a nice house and have a career for sixth months out of the year. But, there is a catch. The other six months they have to live at the Positron prison system. Things seem great at first, but quickly take a turn for the worse.


3. The God Wave, by Patrick Hemstreet

The god wave- boook blogThe God Wave is a science fiction novel meets suspense-thriller, where scientists have found out what stops humans from using the full 90% potential of their brain. A neuroscientist is using his discovery to turn his test subject into god-like beings — with the capability to solve the world’s problems. Though the world doesn’t look so bright with militarization and corporate exploitation taking over. A group of powerful brokers are trying to lure in the test subjects, so they can do their dirty work. If you are a fan of Limitless, like I am, then you will most likely want to go and pick this book up.

I could always use some recommendations! Comment some suggestions below! But, before you go ahead and give me a random title on the comments, you might want to know what I usually like to read. I’m not extremely picky at — at least I don’t think I am. I love thrillers, mysteries, coming of age for adults, dystopia, fantasy, autobiographies, classics, essay books, and horror. I like romance too, but I never like when that is the main focus. (Sorry, for you romance lovers!)

*Picture #1 Cred: Random House Publishing

*Picture #2 Cred: Anchor Books

* Picture #3 Cred: Harper Collins Publishing


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