Poetry: “Between What is Black and White”

Hi guys, I am sorry I was not able to post yesterday. This weekend has been turbulent to say the least. Family anxiety and resurfacing past trauma has made today quite exhausting.

Please enjoy an older poem I wrote. It fits the mood of the day, and the wars everyone seems to fight invisibly in their minds.

Lately, those wars keep tapping at my mental door.


Between What is Black and White                                 by: Rose Clifford

The crack of black space beneath the floorboards,

Reining the masses in four corners of vacant minds.

That laugh to erase its shadows,

And gasps of fear for all that may be lingering,

That may appear between the dimensions.

In hollow worlds beyond the reach,

Of seeking gods and goddesses that preach,

For holy worlds to live and die-

Only to be reborn again another night,

In fledglings that pine for insight.

Black words laced in white words.

Mirrors burned from charcoal fires,

That ignite a perfected image-

Wholesome silhouettes outlined by memories,

Used and faded with bruises,

Scarred tissue from toxic pasts.

Reveries of futures in delight,

Are dimmed with rusted embers.

Tears of liquid candy drip of solace,

Onto these blackened marble faces.


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