Poetry: “Warm Brown Eyes”

Warm Brown Eyes                        by: Rose Clifford

When his eyes stare into mine,

I can never be sure how I got here-

Standing on the precipice of need.

Seemingly incoherent are my worries.


But, feeling deeply, makes me think deeply.

Could I be that one, nestled in his thoughts,

At night when we are so very far apart?

Certainly I am neutral, colorless – bland.


Those eyes, his eyes-

They imprint in mine, with so much love

That I cannot understand inside my insecurities.

All I know is that my loneliness becomes nothingness in those eyes.


When I stare in them I see something new,

Someone better – beautifully symmetrical in body and mind.

So, now, now I must finally confess-

I feel whole in his warm brown eyes.


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