Poetry: “Abstract Mind”

Abstract Mind          by: Rose Clifford

Lately, my thoughts

Have been assembled

In abstract.

No map for this constellation,

No sense for inner frustations.

Please align,

Please align.

Stick to the light,

Far off in the mind,

Peace be the mind.

A mantra abused of a life,

Spent on a currecy of lonely time.


4 thoughts on “Poetry: “Abstract Mind”

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  1. This is a comment to your About page – there was no place to put it there. “I own a vexing and turbulent mind, and I will never know what kind of demons will prowl my insides. But, I’m lucky. I find solace in all that you read.”
    Vexing, turbulent demons makes life, and you, interesting. I shall be interested, then, to read what emerges from that chaos.


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