I’m Back, Everyone

Hi guys,

So, better late than never…does that axiom work here? Probably not.

Anyways, as someone who has been busy, and I mean busy when it comes to school work, I can now officially say that on Wednesday, May 2, I will be a college graduate.

This year was crazy, as anyone would assume for a college senior! I hope you aren’t annoyed with me for leaving the blog unattended for so long.

Good news, though – two things, really!

  1. I was officially published in my school’s lit mag! One of my poems and one of my short stories were published. Check out my poem and story! (However, as a forewarning, my actual name – Jessica – is used on the website. It’s still me, just not my pen name). (Also, the poem is one you can find here on my blog as well!)
  2. This feels more impressive – after working my butt off, a few months back I was offered a position as a reporter at a county newspaper in Maine! I’ll start working there only two weeks after graduation.

Now, I want to say thank you for reading my stuff all last summer and for hopefully picking back up. I will not write as much as I did last summer because I won’t have time with my new big girl job and all, but I will try my best to add as much as I can!

One thing that will be different is, as presumably, you can already tell, the inclusion of ads on my page. I don’t know what kind of ads will appear on my page, but I hope none of them offend you or stop you from visiting my site. It was a difficult decision whether I should stop paying for my domain, and the ads tell you my decision.

I hope you are all doing well yourselves!

Here is a short poem I wrote during this semester:



(Un)Confident           by: Rose Clifford

Ominous with possibilities

I sink my feet firmly into the earth

Hoping one day I am not scorched

By the decisions of my youth.


***Photo Cred: Martina Kleger


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