Poetry: “Secure”

Secure               by: Rose Clifford The longer I read of you, The more I want to be of fiction. Helplessly three-dimensional, While being bound to a home, In the words of a book.

Poetry: “Arrival”

Arrival           by:Rose Clifford When the moment arrives, Colliding into time, Crisp autumn air will find, The pink lungs of mine, Heaving for one more breath. Soft light will lower my eyes, Closed into a dark broken mind. I will whisper your name - so faintly, On lips wet with spit, Dripping... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Abstract Mind”

Abstract Mind          by: Rose Clifford Lately, my thoughts Have been assembled In abstract. No map for this constellation, No sense for inner frustations. Please align, Please align. Stick to the light, Far off in the mind, Peace be the mind. A mantra abused of a life, Spent on a currecy of... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “And She Smiled”

And She Smiled                   by: Rose Clifford The mystery about her, Was the way she kept smiling, Long after everyone else had. Her pinched smile gratified, For the happiness, someone gifted her mind.

Poetry: “I crave, I break”

I Crave, I Break.          by: Rose Clifford When I crave, I crave for you. When I break, I break as you.   The fumbling story of our love, Secretes a poison from my veins.   As curdling milk in the air, An unfinished prose on my page.

Poetry: “Fictionalized Love”

Fictionalized Love           by: Rose Clifford The lines you uttered, the words so sweet, dipped in honey, but lit like kerosene. You were a fiction, to my mind. Giving, giving, giving, I gave. Taking, taking, taking, You took. Now I am here, lying in your sheets. Fighting for the bliss, I ignorantly... Continue Reading →

Poetry: “Do You”

Do You               by: Rose Clifford In the circus of the night, With the stars strewn as fireflies, Do you take a moment to think of me? Sitting forlornly in the room of my brain, Wishing days away in the wake, Of a universe uninterrupted by monotony.

Poetry: “Right & Wrong”

Hi guys! I am finally back and settled in from vacation. Here is a short poem, yet it really packs a punch with my feelings at the moment.   Right & Wrong             by: Rose Clifford The voice inside, Innocent, yet bold, Told her this feeling, was perfectly mundane. Beautiful even-... Continue Reading →

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